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Case study: Optimization strategy to balance material cost, efficiency and NVH of electrical motor for next generation VINFAST powertrain system

Case Study: Preventing and containing thermal runaway in electric vehicle batteries

Keynote: New e-motor technologies for Electric Axles and Battery Systems in Battery Electric Vehicles

Case study: Unlocking efficiency and simplicity by harnessing the power of the digital twin application - Sensorless control of electric actuators

Case study: Enhancing EV range predictions and powertrain optimization with real-time weather

Case Study: Simulation and early validation Techniques for e-motor design - focus on permanent magnet machines

Case Study: Improving global efficiency of electric motors with early simulation

Case Study: e-Motor development - From simulation to real world and back

Keynote: EV Electric Motor Market and Routes to Rare Earth Elimination

Case Study: Revolutionizing performance and Trustworthiness with tailored eAxles and central drive for diverse missions


Perspectives - Next in E-Motor Tech: An interview with Raf Shuermans, Sr. Technical Manager at Toyota Motor Europe

Kevin Mak on electric motors see incremental advances - INTERVIEW

Astrid Haas on Overview of Emerging & State-of-the-Art Winding Technologies for Electric Motors - INTERVIEW


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