Case Study: Simulation and early validation Techniques for e-motor design - focus on permanent magnet machines

Raouaa Bahri

PEM NVH Leader

In this session, you will learn:

  • Differentiating Motor Types: An overview of the variations in e-motors, with an emphasis on permanent magnet machines, their unique features, and advantages
  • Design Improvements through Simulation: Exploring how simulation tools like FEA, CFD, and MBD enable enhanced motor design, optimizing performance, efficiency, and reducing costs
  • Importance of Early Validation: Emphasizing the significance of incorporating validation from the beginning to identify design flaws, ensure accurate performance predictions, and optimize the motor design process
  • Multi-Physics Phenomena and Mechanical Constraints: Highlighting the interconnected nature of electromagnetic fields, thermal behavior, mechanical stresses, and vibrations, and how addressing these phenomena and mechanical constraints improves motor performance and reliability